Cutting off negativity.

“Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.” ~Jackson Brown Jr.

Well how many of us have heard about this quote, not many right? Even I had to search for one (sigh). However few of us who had known about this quote might not give a keen eye to it,the truth is we will find this line good,post it on Facebook and eventually forget what it is actually trying to deliver or teach.

Moving on to the main word in this quote; negativity. We all know how parasitic negativity can be for our life but rather most of us just complain about it and only few of us actually try to look for solutions.To all of you who can’t seem to decipher the true meaning of negativity,here is a simple example: Me: I have to do this! who knows I might even excel in it Negativity: Oh please, you can never make it through and you will always be a loser so don’t even try! However,most of us fall prey to the second one and thus we let the negative side take over and let our brain rot in to debris of nothingness.

Let me include here that negativity can also come in a toxic human form. This kind of toxic will always pollute your heart and mind with ‘how you can not do it’ rather than showing you the positive side of ‘how you can achieve it’. Even I had gone through this a lot of times but here’s the golden line : I never let these toxic people and their negativity take control over me.

So here’s the first enjoyable trick, I have always been doing and still am a hardcore follower of that is ;ignore.Some legendary person in the world said that ignorance is bliss, believe it guys it totally is. The moment you start ignoring the negative shitty comments,is the moment you start breathing in positivity.

Most importantly,stop playing the victim card and by that I mean stop complaining about your failures or blaming others for your problems instead do a positive self talk that maybe you have done a mistake while reaching your goal so why not try again?

Lastly, the other key to sweep out negativity is:Self- love.You should always remember that being negative and pessimistic takes you nowhere,it just increases your level of insecurity,makes you question about your self worth and eventually turns your life upside down or makes it worst even if you had the chance of forming it better.Be grateful for whatever you have done to make your dreams come true,don’t let bad thoughts stress you out. There is always the other way that if looked for,can always be found.


Why I write?

Since childhood,I had a very keen interest in keeping a personal diary and I even had one when I was in third grade, it was where I used to write every personal thought I had about my teachers, my classmates or my school in general. Moreover, I used to write all my bad memories and the good past in it.But as times passed the personal diary phase just went to a switch off and since then to this date,I don’t keep a personal journal.

I never wrote anything in general, neither I was connected to jot down my rambling thoughts over life.

However, unexpectedly from 2011 to 2013 life took a devastating toll on me.These two years proved really harsh and made me go through a lot of serious issues, heartbreaks and somehow depression encircled me.

Therefore, to get away from this mental trauma,to fill the void I grew my interest in writing poems and short stories and believe me or not ,the moment I started writing,I felt at ease and all of this soothed me in a very positive way. It helped me look towards a brighter side and changed my overall being.

So the whole point of publishing a brief history as to why I write is that I have seen many people judge writers by what they think and write. They say: “You write because you are sad”. At a point I do believe this statement.But the thought that people need to change is that writers are not sad human beings, they do ‘start’ writing things when they are sad and after this doomed phase, writing becomes a habit , a passion,an observation of world and a career.

What if I just want to share a happy moment of my life through writing?

Back with a bang

Pinterest Picture.

There is always a bad time in our lives. So, I had quite of a bad time too. Also, I have noticed that I am not writing at all for a pretty long time and I have decided for good, to continue writing no matter what, because it fills a void in me(I don’t know what that is) but it makes me kind of relieved.

Game on!

Not anymore (Poetry)

You know

No you don’t know

How you scrutinized my flaws

without asking who created them Remember?

How you crampled my desires

without even knowing they exist

Can I forget? How mean of you

for being skeptic

on every act of mine

your voices grates on my ear

for being raucous everytime

You know? No you don’t

How you provoked anger

raised a finger when I showed mine


How you devised a plan

to destruct a world of mine

and leaving my soul morossed

Now you return

You come back

Want to crumble my recovered self?//

– not anymore


What are memories?

These are collection of all those moments that are unforgettable and that remain imprinted in our minds forever.

Not all moments are cheerful,some of them are really haunting but those moments that were the worst of our life ,when colliding with has always taught us a different lesson.Its gone, it’s the past  but it stays,in our memories.

These bad memories are the ones that teaches us not to repeat a mistake again and it also teaches us that , those sobs was all past and now we should look forward to a brighter and happier life.

A moment of insult

A moment of gloom 

And all those wrenching moments that bombarded on us, everyone of them carries a lesson, right? That this moment of grief is temporary and not all memories are painful,not all tears are permanent…

Even a huge smile on someone’s face is such a cheerful moment

Even a slight nod of assurance that everything will be fine is a moment

A round of applause,a moment of pride, it’s like about all the perfect things we want to store in the attic of our heart that whenever we pass by the store, we can find our lost pieces,to fix ourself when our life is taking a drastic move.

Those good memories are always there to remind us that we are worthy,we are special,we should not fear the consequences and that we should be brave!

There is no way to convert our bad memories in to good ones.

But the truth of life is:                           If you want your future,forget your past,the bad past,and just stick to the good ones.

Every step we take in life may not be memorable but its better than standing on the same point of road and resisting your feet to move in the parallel way.

 Make Every step memorable. 

But don’t stop,keep moving..

Because this is the bitter truth

Because this is life.

To Be A Champ.

Does success means to be a successful business man/woman only? 
Well most people normally assume that being successful means, to be a boss,to make your decisions,to be dictating..Is it called success??

Let’s be clear and honest,if someone says you that ‘my son has grown to be successful man’..

What will you think of first? There are higher chances that you might think of a business man,with a huge car,a big office, nice suit … probably yes!

But success is a word that stretches beyond this particular line.Its not just a person is a entrepreneur,he or she maybe a successful guitarist,a musician,or an artist.

Well you see, success has a different meaning after all. I am a student and right now,I have my exams approaching and I am thinking of achieving success , and that means good grades,a proud pat on my back ,a thousand smile on my grandmother’s face and huge rush of relief that ,‘YES YES I have achieved my target for now and I was successful in doing that’.

Your first attempt at baking a cake got wrong,but you tried again and after two to three attempts ,your cake is the only deli anyone could think about. Surely that third attempt of yours was  undoubtedly successful.

Well,the point is ,you should not think of success as something like owning a business, even the little tries can give you the feeling of being  successful!

Remember that, to be a champ ,you need to believe in yourself! even if it’s just study, painting,or cooking…you need to have confidence in your self that I will try again and again until I achieve success.


A haunted house and dark night;.        Noone but me and uncontrollable fright;

I could hear everything,from howling wolves to painful mourns, 

What if ,Its about something I should be warned;

The pinching shrieks and a silent cry,

No wonder how this time would fly;

It’s terrible , it’s panicking,.                

Oh my God! It’s never ending;

The heart beats and cold hands,.         It’s a hopeless place though where I stand;

After a while,I see a person approaching,                                           

  My heart is pounding and  my feet are trembling; 

Oh No! What I see is just a hollow face,.                                                              

I start running all fast paced; 

Suddenly I hear a voice so loud,.      

  It’s something realistic, it’s a familiar sound;

Get up! Get up It’s already nine,.       

  I was astonished to see myself all safe and fine;

It’s was just a disturbing nightmare,
A  dream of shivers and haunting stare;





 Originally created.           


The Year Ahead.

And 2016 went away like each year does.For some people, 1st January might just be another day,maybe the clock striking 12:01 won’t seem so exciting,maybe the fireworks and the cheerful celebrations won’t fascinate them at all. But for me, it’s a new beginning, a new chapter.For all the people out there,just let it be…

    Let 2017 be the year of utter healing,to  heal away the bruises of reality, to collect all the scattered and broken pieces to form a new person in you ,to let go the certain parts of past and just focus on what’s next.
       Let 2017 be the time to have faith and belief in yourself that no matter what ,you are going to reach further beyond. It’s definitely not the end,this year has just started.
     Let 2017 be the time to set some new goals.It’s not about getting a new car or buying a new phone, it’s about to perform those seemingly impossible things that were left behind in 2016. It’s about to pursue your dreams. If there’s an artist inside you,let it unravel in the most artistic manner..

       Let 2017 be the time to recognise that who was there for you during the heart breaking moments of grief and who was the one to push you in stressful disasters.
         Let this year be the year of reassurance that there’s always  some light in the dark.That the sun will rise and the storm would cease

        Let it be the year of regaining all the lost  strength and courage and of the admittance that ruins are magnificent.

        Let it be the year of genuine satisfaction, contentment and peace.

         Let it will be year when you will be a different person.

Happy New Year!

Have You?

We live here,in cities that are sunlit through out the day but are core dark at night , ironically ,we need artificial lights to make it bright and sharp.

Where pollution is always present ,where you don’t have time to view the world in a different way…

This city life is so fast ,so quick that we forget ourself and definitely punched between our home and work…what we enjoy are those parties..still lit by those artificial disco lights.And Nowadays children are limited to enjoy the rides,toys and Tv,even the adults are engrossed in the digital world.It’s not their fault,its just because they have not seen the real picture of the world..

Have you ever wondered? 

How it feels to hear the chirping birds in the morning,the beautiful sound of the leaves moving,swaying by the wind gone through..

How it feels to capture the rising sun and the setting of it.

Have you ever watched the rain drops,the small these drops fell and make  the ground sparkle! 

Have you ever seen a flower bloom?..have you noticed how it looks…so colourful ,so fresh, carrying a warm smell that fills you with bliss.

Have you ever seen the sky deeply? The sky that is full of ethereal variety? Those dense clouds when it starts to rain,the violet shade that seems to be another place,the clear sky with shiny stars burning bright,and the beautiful moon lit by the sun.

Have you ever imagined how it feels when the waves brush your feet,you feel like taken away.

Have you seen..snowfall at cool,so calm.

Have you ever enjoyed this? Probably some of you may have not..even I am one of them who loves nature and want to view the world a little differently.


Have you seen it differently yet?



Originally created.