Cutting off negativity.

“Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.” ~Jackson Brown Jr.

Well how many of us have heard about this quote, not many right? Even I had to search for one (sigh). However few of us who had known about this quote might not give a keen eye to it,the truth is we will find this line good,post it on Facebook and eventually forget what it is actually trying to deliver or teach.

Moving on to the main word in this quote; negativity. We all know how parasitic negativity can be for our life but rather most of us just complain about it and only few of us actually try to look for solutions.To all of you who can’t seem to decipher the true meaning of negativity,here is a simple example: Me: I have to do this! who knows I might even excel in it Negativity: Oh please, you can never make it through and you will always be a loser so don’t even try! However,most of us fall prey to the second one and thus we let the negative side take over and let our brain rot in to debris of nothingness.

Let me include here that negativity can also come in a toxic human form. This kind of toxic will always pollute your heart and mind with ‘how you can not do it’ rather than showing you the positive side of ‘how you can achieve it’. Even I had gone through this a lot of times but here’s the golden line : I never let these toxic people and their negativity take control over me.

So here’s the first enjoyable trick, I have always been doing and still am a hardcore follower of that is ;ignore.Some legendary person in the world said that ignorance is bliss, believe it guys it totally is. The moment you start ignoring the negative shitty comments,is the moment you start breathing in positivity.

Most importantly,stop playing the victim card and by that I mean stop complaining about your failures or blaming others for your problems instead do a positive self talk that maybe you have done a mistake while reaching your goal so why not try again?

Lastly, the other key to sweep out negativity is:Self- love.You should always remember that being negative and pessimistic takes you nowhere,it just increases your level of insecurity,makes you question about your self worth and eventually turns your life upside down or makes it worst even if you had the chance of forming it better.Be grateful for whatever you have done to make your dreams come true,don’t let bad thoughts stress you out. There is always the other way that if looked for,can always be found.

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