Not anymore (Poetry)

You know

No you don’t know

How you scrutinized my flaws

without asking who created them Remember?

How you crampled my desires

without even knowing they exist

Can I forget? How mean of you

for being skeptic

on every act of mine

your voices grates on my ear

for being raucous everytime

You know? No you don’t

How you provoked anger

raised a finger when I showed mine


How you devised a plan

to destruct a world of mine

and leaving my soul morossed

Now you return

You come back

Want to crumble my recovered self?//

– not anymore

All that glitters is not gold.

Watching the beautiful sunset is so (2)

She felt in love with the weather because it felt so cool and calm,the birds going back their home,the fresh air that brushes your skin and you feel so lively.She had that kind of feeling.

She was so taken by the wonderful weather that she wasn’t aware of what was in front of her until she collided with him…

Oh! He is so handsome…her heart said.

Every inch of him was picked and crafted so beautifully.And he was flawless. Purely flawless.

Her eyes kept on staring him as if he has done some magic on her! He glittered so much that she was dazzled by his looks…the boldness,how tall he was,how broad he was.                                                          “The dashing guy of my dream”.She thought. Well,her thoughts ended as he passed away..but what next? He turned back to see her.Oh how romantic!  The girl was like flying in the air. “He turned back,he must have liked me”.She cheered with excitement .

One morning,she was passing by a great lavishly designed bungalow when suddenly she heard screams and shouts of a girl or possibly a woman.She searched for the noise until she saw someone  behind the house window.It was a shadow.Not clear though.

A man was beating that woman brutally…so fiercely one could never imagine that .He sounded so furious,so violent.Ahh! She felt the pain.

Suddenly a man came out in the window balcony.To surprise,it was him! .Oh my God.He was the same guy!

‘So vicious’.she thought.                       His skin crafted so beautifully looked dead as ..evil,his eyes like.. roaring with anger.He was not charming,…no more!

She was astonished by those horrible and terrifying looks.A voice constantly hit her brain:.                                    All that glitters is not gold!      Oh he’s…pure evil!


Originally created.